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Cisco 3702E Antenna Locations

I couldn’t find this information anywhere on the Internet, so hopefully this will be helpful for someone out there. A Cisco 3702E WAP has 4 external antennas labeled ABCD, on the access point itself they are setup as per the diagram.


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Create a Bonjour Bridge using Avahi and Ubuntu Server

With the adoption of Apple TVs in education, many network administrators are trying to find a way to advertise Bonjour services over multiple subnets. Aerohive recently released a Bonjour gateway, I found this troublesome to use and set out to find another solution. I discovered that Avahi, an opensource implementation of zeroconf, allows for Bonjour reflection to other networks, to get this to work in our environment I did the following. Continue reading →

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802.1X Login Window Authentication with Mountain Lion

Since Lion the procedure for using 802.1X has changed, in this guide I will explain how to set this up using a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller, the Casper Suite and a Mountain Lion Client.

This guide assumes you already have a functioning domain controller, Macs bound to this AD and 802.1X authenticated wireless network. In this guide I will be using the Casper Suite, but since OS X Profiles are pretty much the same no matter how you distribute them, most steps will be the same not matter what management suite you use.

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Parental Controls and Proxy Servers

Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d share a fix I found for Parental Controls and proxy servers.

There appears to be an issue in both Lion and Mountain Lion with Parental Controls and proxy servers, when a user has Parental Controls enabled and they try to access the Internet through a proxy server a blank page is returned, attempting to connect through cURL returns a “empty reply from server” error. Continue reading →

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