Interesting VHF/UHF Frequencies in Perth

While there is a wealth of information on the warsug forums, some of the content is quite old and hard to tell if it is still active, I have compiled a list of active frequencies. I live in Perth’s southern suburbs so your milage may vary.

Frequency Description
 418.275 TransPerth Security
 418.700 TransPerth Trains Control
 163.675 DFES 6AR
 473.250 Possibly Canningvale/Success Area Busses
474.750 Possibly Armadale Area Busses
489.500/480.200 Swan Taxis
489.75 Black and White Cabs
472.800 Channel 7

If you have any favourite frequencies please leave a comment below, another great resource is the ACMA’s Site Location Map, you can also turn on filters to only show licenses within your radios frequency range.


Frequency 418.900 appears to be numerous comm lines
Iv received trans Perth rail from Perth to Mandurah and these sound like main office and platform staff.

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